Caring for your Brass SLIM Wallet

One of our more popular SLIM – Precision Machined Wallets is the Brass Edition, machined from a solid block of brass and light bead blasted to give a textured natural finish. The thing we love about the Brass SLIM Wallet is that the more it is used, the more it patinas (ages/darkens) giving it character and a unique personal style.If you are one of those who like their Brass SLIM Wallets to look brand new, then follow the steps below to bring you SLIM Wallet back to life.

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Cleaning your Brass SLIM Wallet.

1. Go to the kitchen sink and get to work.

Fill the sink with just enough lukewarm water to submerge your Brass SLIM Wallet in and mix in some gentle liquid dish detergent. After a soak, use a cotton rag to wash it. If that did the trick, you can skip the next few steps.

2. Create your own brass polish.

First squeeze all the juice out of a lemon into a bowl. Next add some table salt or baking soda. Stir the salt or soda into the lemon juice until a paste consistency is reached. Now that you have your brass cleaner, use a soft cotton cloth to apply it to your Brass SLIM Wallet. Work it gently into your Brass SLIM Wallet to remove tarnish being extra careful not to scratch the surface and remove the bead blasted finish or logo.

3. Make sure you removed all the tarnish and dry your Brass SLIM Wallet.

Once the brass polishing procedure is completed, rinse away all the lemon brass polish. Take a good look at your brass SLIM wallet. If you find some spots that you missed, just go ahead and hit them with some of your leftover brass cleaner. Be sure to rinse again. When you are certain you’re done, get a clean cotton cloth and dry the brass as quickly and as well as you can. Brass retains water spots something terrible. Using a new and totally dry cotton towel, or better yet, a microfiber cloth, buff your Brass SLIM Wallet until it shines.

4. Protect your Brass SLIM Wallet and make it shine.

To help protect your Brass SLIM Wallet and make it so you don’t have to go through this quite so often, give your Brass SLIM Wallet a little protective barrier. Dampen a soft cotton cloth with olive oil and rub your brass with it, apply as lightly as possible.

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Look out for part 2 where we will show you how to speed up the tarnishing process to give your Brass SLIM Wallet more character and style. Let us know what you think in the comments below – if your going to try this we would love to see some before and after pictures.