How to SLIM down your wallet

Dividing your cards with leather adds significant bulk to your wallet. Instead, stacking your cards together saves loads of space. Creating a SLIM wallet that doesn’t have those little voids helps create a slimmer silhouette.

Having a fat wallet is nothing to be ashamed of. Sure you have a slim phone and slim laptop but when it comes to wallets, it’s something you’ve probably never thought much about but we are here to help.

Our 8 tips to a slimmer wallet

1. Get a slimmer wallet

If you think a SLIM wallet can’t possibly work for you, remember Parkinson’s law: data expands to fill the available space. Our SLIM wallets are designed to last, machined from a solid block of metal (aluminium, brass or titanium), they are as slim as you can get without just carrying your cash loose in your pocket.

2. Split your cards

Select your 4 to 6 daily cards, such as your ID and main debit/credit cards, stack them and keep them together in your SLIM wallet. With no leather dividers between your cards the SLIM wallet reduces the bulk that arises from the classic leather wallet.

3. Use a bin not your wallet

Most people will have their wallets filled with everything from bus receipts to gum wrappers. These should obviously be thrown out, along with all those other bits of paper that seem important months ago.

4. Stop using your wallet as a filing cabinet

Avoid using your wallet to permanently keep important notes like appointment reminders, revolutionary ideas, or the phone number of a hot date. Instead, enter this information in to your phone. If you want a really good way to deal with receipts, Evernote is now making it possible.  All you do is take a photo of it with a phone, email it to a custom Evernote account email, and then throw away the receipt. You can then later go in and process all the receipts virtually, with easy tagging and word recognition for any quick retrieval.

5. Reduce your coins

In a wallet, coins can cause havoc. If you need to hang on to some for coffee, prioritise a couple of higher worth coins and store in your front pocket, bag or car. Cleanse your wallet by storing the rest in a piggy bank and start saving. Trust us, you’ll feel better for it.

6. Consolidate your reward cards

After getting rid of most of the junk, you’ll still have to deal with all the endless reward cards packed in your wallet. Try using this free app, Key Ring that manages your store loyalty cards all in one place so that they can be scanned directly from your phone at the checkout.

7. Stop carrying so much cash

Along with trash, photos, and notes, you should also rid your wallet of paper bills. Cash is dying a slow death, and for good reason. It clogs your wallet and if lost or stolen, is gone forever. You can ensure its death by simply using your debit card all the time. It lets you track your purchases online and has the convenience of a credit card, but without the finance charges. Best of all, most banks have fraud-protection, meaning you get your money back if your card gets stolen.

8. Stop storing business cards

It really depends on the business you’re in, some need to carry their own and collect a ton from other people. For the people that need to deal in business cards, finding other storage solutions such as a card holder or laptop bag will save you a lot of space. For those of you who don’t have a need for business cards, but still have a bunch in your wallet, take them home or to the office and store them there.  Or if even better add your new contacts to your Linkedin network.