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March Facebook Giveaway

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March SLIM Wallet Facebook Giveaway We are giving away a free SLIM Precision Machined Wallet this month through our Facebook page. All you need to do is Like and Share the post and also Like the page. The winner of the SLIM wallet will be announced at the end of March. Post by SolidDesign Consultancy.

Titanium SLIM Wallet Modification by THIRTYFIVEMILL

If you didn’t read last weeks review from THIRTYFIVEMILL about our Titanium SLIM Wallet, they gave it 5 stars! Since then THIRTYFIVEMILL have come up with their own modification and it looks awesome. To protect and cover the front face of the wallet, they used a thin sheet of bog oak veneer and cut it to shape. The contrast […]

Aluminium SLIM Wallets in stock soon

Our Aluminium SLIM Wallet has been so popular we ran out of stock very quick, we were expecting to have new stock by now but as each SLIM Wallet is machined and finished by hand (see our blog post on How our SLIM wallets are made) there can be production delays. Pre-orders will be shipping out […]

How our SLIM wallets are made

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How our SLIM wallet is manufactured Manufacturing products can be relatively easy, normally consisting of one or two processes for plastic products, all the way up to ten’s of process for electronic consumer goods or highly engineered parts. We took a lot of care designing the SLIM Wallet and the processes we use to produce them highlight this. […]

Why you need a SLIM wallet

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Our top 8 reasons you need a SLIM wallet Here are our top 8 reasons everyone should upgrade their bulky wallet for a SLIM – Precision Machined Wallet. 1. Upgrade your bulky wallet We designed the SLIM wallet for one reason and that was to overcome the problems associated with bulky wallets. We wanted to […]