Why you need a SLIM wallet

Our top 8 reasons you need a SLIM wallet

Here are our top 8 reasons everyone should upgrade their bulky wallet for a SLIM – Precision Machined Wallet.

1. Upgrade your bulky wallet

We designed the SLIM wallet for one reason and that was to overcome the problems associated with bulky wallets. We wanted to design a wallet that could fit in any pocket, from shirt pockets to tight front jean pockets.

2. Slimmer and lighter wallet

Our aluminium SLIM wallet has the optimum strength to weight ratio, it is so light you will barely know it’s in your pocket. We took the standard bulky wallet and significantly reduced the overall size and weight, to produce something you would love to carry.

3. Quick and easy card access

With space to hold up to six cards and bank notes, it’s never been easier or quicker to access your cards. Designed to give you quick access, the SLIM wallet can be used with just one hand.

4. Save your back

No one likes sitting on a huge slab of leather; apart from the numb bum you’ll get, it could also cause back ache. It’s time to save your back, the SLIM wallet is only 8mm thick, slim enough to fit in your back pocket without you knowing it’s there.

5. RFID wallet protection

It’s crazy to know that someone can purchase an RFID scanner for less than £100 and with a little computer knowledge, start pulling information off of RFID embedded credit cards and ID’s (also known as skimming) without ever having to physically touch a single wallet. Our SLIM wallets encase your cards in a metal enclosure, shielding them from skimming (just make sure you keep the open side of the SLIM wallet facing you).

6. A wallet designed to last

Everyone loves the classic leather wallet, but they have limited life span. Most people will change or upgrade their wallet every couple of years as they start to wear and fall apart. The SLIM wallet is designed to last, precision machined from a single block of metal; it has no moving parts and is extremely hard wearing.

7. A wallet that ages in style

We carefully picked each material and finish we use for our SLIM wallets so that they look great new and old. The brass SLIM wallet is our favourite; the more it’s used the better it looks, darkening and tarnishing to give a uniquely individual look. The aluminium SLIM wallet is military spec hard anodised; giving a very hard and durable finish that won’t scratch or scuff with normal use. The titanium SLIM wallet is designed for those who crave the best, stone tumbled for ten hours to give a worn look that only gets better with age – the more it’s used the darker and better the finish looks.

8. Replaceable band

The elastic band we use on our SLIM wallets is high quality and will last a lot longer than you would think. If your band does ever break or becomes slack over time, we offer replacement bands that are quick and easy to fit to restore your SLIM wallet back to its former glory.


Upgrade your SLIM wallet today!

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